Shop Your Town

SYT_Headline SYT_LogoRediscover just how much is right outside your door

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to get caught up in running errands just to get things done. We forget why living in a small town is so appealing. Food is fresh, services are professional and living in Chemainus truly is idyllic. We just ask that you do what you already do – but just in your own town. By doing this they will be supporting local business which just happen to be neighbours and friends.

We have smart confident business leaders in the community that select quality products for their stores and of course our wonderful artisans. Our service professionals bring expert knowledge and insight from around the world. Buying from and using local services is elemental to sustaining a vibrant community keeping our dollars in our neighbourhood. Because after all, Chemainus is not one street or two, the new mall, or just the Theatre; but a town, our town, as a whole.

Support your town and try to find what you need here first – you may be surprised!