Operating overview

Financials, Working budget, And Marketing Overview

Please find the finalized financial statements below along with our current working budget and a full marketing overview video from our 2015 January AGM. We have included contact information below should you have any additional questions.

Important Things To Note

  • BIA is the only organization marketing the town as a whole (read member benefits here), we do not control parking, garbage pick up or any other municipal action item.
  • The board has turned over (all positions including Chair and Vice-Chair) and a new board members were voted in during the January AGM.
  • A new marketing and events co-ordinator with 13 years experience in Lifestyle and Tourism marketing from an advertising agency setting was hired in November.
  • A substantial change in target market direction has happened, segmenting into three main focus categories: transient, local – on island, and resident. This strategy and planning drives our marketing plan available here.
  • Many exterior marketing initiatives and events are planned/in progress, offering a different level of outward marketing then we have seen before.
  • A refocused look at generating traffic for both goods and service based business is aimed at residents. See the article published about our Shop Your Town campaign here.
  • Additional member communication and interactivity is in process ensuring complete transparency and initiative/financial knowledge available to all at all times. This includes a fully functional initiative listing visible to all members.
  • A comprehensive co-op program has been developed for members to advertise at a discounted rate and includes: online, social, billboard, print and sponsorship available for viewing/download here.
  • Last year a pre-existing marketing committee allotted a portion of the budget to compile a new brand logo, website, professional photography (available to all, please ask), a redesigned rack card/brochure as well as the design and printing of many other items available to BIA members.

Year End Financials

2013 – 2014: CBIA_2013-2014FinancialStatements.pdf

2014 – 2015: CBIA_2014-2015FinancialStatements.pdf

2015 – 2016: CBIA_2015-2016FinancialStatements.pdf

Current Working Budget – 2016/2017

2016-2017: CBIA_Budget_WorkingCopy_Summary.pdf

Contact Us/Questions

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact:
Krystal Adams | kadams@visitchemainus.ca  | 250-216-4239