Member Area & Benefits

What does CBIA do for me as a member?
We do more then you think!

In a nutshell we are responsible for marketing our town so that we can continue its vibrancy with tourism, new home owners, and other revenue generating streams for local business owners.

Our economy relies heavily on tourists visiting and spending in the stores which local residents rely upon for their income. The prosperity of these businesses enable these residents to stay in the town and be fruitful.

Without the BIA these out reaching media initiatives are not taken on the towns behalf. The town would not be advertised both locally and internationally and the town tourism numbers would be lower then they are now. If this was to happen there is potential that some business (which residents who are non-business owners would rely upon) would not be able to sustain, and would then close its doors. Again this is not all as result of the BIA but instead the driving force behind what the BIA wishes to accomplish.

Comprehensive Co-op Program

This comprehensive co-op program has been developed for members to advertise at a discounted rate and includes: online, social, billboard, print and sponsorship click here for PDF.

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Operating Info, Meeting Minutes and AGM Info

The following links give you an outline of our general operating information, plus we have all of this years meeting minutes attached. If you have questions about any of this, please contact us directly.

Operating Info
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