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The following serves as a quick snapshot of the common questions we are asked along with some interesting information that you may find useful.

Fast Facts

North Cowichan :
A diverse Municipality which includes a number of distinct communities (South End, Crofton, Chemainus, and Maple Bay). Located between Victoria and Nanaimo in the heart of the Cowichan Valley, the Municipality offers a serene, easy-going lifestyle among forest lands, mountains, lakes, rivers, and ocean inlets. North Cowichan offers an enticing variety of recreational pursuits.
*Overview by the Municipality of North Cowichan.
 48°55’N 123°43’W 
3,035* directly in Chemainus with approximately 820 residents in the greater surrounding areas *Statistics Canada
Accessibility (senior & wheelchair)
Because the murals are so walkable, we pride ourselves on accessibility. The town is an easy walk for seniors with many rest stops along the walking tour as well as being very wheelchair friendly. Most stores that are not directly at ground level offer ramps and switch backs that aid in you being able to move freely throughout the town. Most of our parks, and the small trials within walking distance, also allow for the same accommodations. We implore you to go and explore.
Most days are bright, sunny, warm and perfect for a light coat or shirt.
The most asked question we get is: “Does it rain all the time?”
Our answer: The rain is only an occasional nuisance in the winter months (typically November to March). Our region, North Cowichan, sits rain shadow. Rainfall is significantly lighter and often just a light mist thanks to this. 
Canadian Dollars (CAD).

  • Money: Canadian Funds accepted throughout town. Shopkeepers generally ask you to spend a minimum amount or use a smaller denomination if getting change. Anything above a $50 dollar bill is typically requested to be broken into smaller bills at the bank, but not always discouraged by shop keepers.
  • ATM’s: Available throughout the town, most notably at financial institutions (CIBC, Coastal Community Credit Union, and Island Savings.
  • Debit Card: Canadian issued debit cards. Alternatively, should your debit card be international but possess the Visa or MasterCard symbol; you are able to use your card in most debit machines around town.
  • Credit Card: Visa and MasterCard is accepted in most locations, with very few accepting AMEX.
Exchange Rate
Currency Exchange is available at any Banking institution.
$1 USA Dollar (USD) = $1.50 Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Chemainus get its name?
The name “Chemainus” is derived from a local native shaman and prophet “Tsa-meeun-is” roughly translated to Broken Chest. Legend says that the man survived a fatal wound to his chest becoming a powerful chief. His name was taken to identify the Stz’uminus First Nation (formerly Chemainus Indian Band) community – Chemainus. Click here for more information.
How many murals are there?
We currently have 44 murals, with many others planned. We also have 10 sculptures, statues, and carvings; plus many other artistic embellishments throughout the town. Simply follow the yellow foot prints. Click here for more information.
What and where is Old Town?
Old town simply refers to the original shopping area of town that is very much as active today as it once was. Beside the ferry dock, there is a lively group of merchants in that area offering everything from delicious foods, to electronics, handmade soaps, art, antiques & collectables and books.
What is the Chemainus Theatre Festival?
They are a vibrant, established and fully professional dramatic arts theatre featuring some of the finest performers and performances in Canada. Broadway hit plays can be seen here all year round. Click here for more information.
How far are you from Victoria?
1 hour and 15 minutes by car. There are many ways to come from Victoria. Click here for more information on our location, directions and travel options. 
How far are you from Nanaimo?
45 minutes to 1 hour by car. There are many ways to come from Victoria. Click here for more information on our location, directions and travel options. 
Do you have a Marina?
We do have a marina. Click here for more information. 
Where can I stay?
There are many different types of accommodation from hotels, motels, B&B and slightly outside of Chemainus – camping. Click here for more information. 
What is there to do besides the murals?
We have a whole host of activities for you and your family. Walk through old growth forests, golf, scuba dive our Boeing 737, ride around with our horse and carriage, putter through our arts community, or take a stroll through our unique townscape. Depending on your level of activity and want we have a list of itineraries for you to view so that you can select the one that best suits your need.  Click here for more information.
Are you pet friendly?
Yes! We are very proud of how much we love to embrace the furry members of your family. From hotel accommodations, to parks, snacks, resting posts and cool water in the majority of stores; we cater to fido year round. 
What is the hermits trail? (No longer accessible)
No longer accessible, the hermits trail was created by a long departed resident who found his home in the grove; building, exploring, and living within the woods. The pathways are carved through a sanctuary of trees and is a set of twisting old stone paths, walkways, and flower gardens. He has been forever immortalized in Mural #36. A copy of this stunning mural has been turned into a painting and adorns our Visitor Centre walls. The walk, however breathtaking, is inaccessible due to too many impediments like fallen trees, degraded paths and rain run-off.

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