Welcome Wagon

Welcome Wagon has been welcoming newcomers across Canada since 1930.  The local Welcome Wagon representatives are Diana Hardacker who welcomes new residents, and Pat Fiddis who welcomes new babies.   Diana provides  a free community service bringing useful information including an official letter of welcome from the Municipality of North Cowichan, a local food map, a pamphlet on 8-1-1, a brochure from the Chemainus Thrift Shop,  a book mark from the library, parks and trails guides, Chemainus Music in the Park, information about recreation centres, visitor information centre, Chamber of Commerce, 9-1-1, and much more.  A number of local businesses are sponsors and provide gifts as well as invitations to receive further gifts in their place of business.  Pat provides similar material and gifts with the focus on babies and parenting.
Diana has been greeting newcomers in Chemainus and Crofton for 18 years, making them feel welcome and at home.  Newcomers are delighted with the goodies she brings, as well as the answers to many questions.  Diana is well known in the community as she rides her bike to most Welcome Wagon visits.  Sometimes she has a difficult time finding newcomers and reminds everyone that she relies on people to tell her when someone is new to town.  Pat also needs people to let her know when there is a new baby to welcome.  To contact Diana, phone 250-246-4463 or email dianahardacker@telus.net  To contact Pat phone 250-748-6740 or email cuppacovers@gmail.com  A visit can also be requested at www.welcomewagon.ca for here or elsewhere in Canada.