Love your town? Support local businesses!

CBIA’s Your Town campaign encourages residents to shop in Chemainus and use local services.

Support the vitality, growth and sustainability of your town by shopping at local businesses and using local services. With the Chemainus Business Improvement Association’s (CBIA) Your Town campaign, we’ll let you know about the exciting variety of businesses in town, so you can support the local economy.

“It’s important to support businesses in Chemainus as much as you can,” says Chris Istace, president of the CBIA. “And with the abundance of businesses, services and goods available here, it’s so easy. Spending money locally helps our businesses be sustainable, profitable and ultimately supports a thriving Chemainus economy.”

Help Chemainus thrive

The Your Town campaign launches this week. We’ll have an integrative multi-media approach to introduce local businesses and services. This eight-week campaign includes website and newspaper ads, posters, blog posts, and social media content.

Each week we’ll highlight a category:
– food,
– health,
– style,
– maintenance,
– gifts/art,
– expertise,
– life basics and
– visitors.

Celebrate our town

The campaign explains how supporting community economic development helps our town. What’s your shopping routine? Do you buy local? By showcasing the wealth of selection in Chemainus, we’ll help our local economy thrive. 

Chemainus is a wonderful place to live, so let’s celebrate all the reasons we choose to call this incredible town our home!

CBIA’s Your Town campaign launches this week.

Taste of Chemainus showcases the town as a culinary hot spot

Taste of Chemainus April 4-7

Foodies rejoice! Taste of Chemainus runs from April 4-7, 2019.

As one of the best-kept culinary secrets of the Cowichan Valley, Chemainus offers award-winning eateries ranging from funky sidewalk cafes, bakeries and bistros to formal cuisine and specialty restaurants.

“We’re excited to welcome foodies and boast Chemainus’ delicious and diverse restaurant and café options,” says Chris Istace, president of the Chemainus Business Improvement Association. “Chefs from around the world have opened eateries in Chemainus, offering incredible knowledge, skills and delectable food fusions.”

Six food and beverage businesses are participating this year: Bonnie Martin Restaurant, Nic’s Café, Owl’s Nest Bakery Bistro, Pho Triple 7 Restaurant, Thai Pinto Cuisine and Utopia Bakery. Each eatery will feature enticing dishes and/or drinks designed to showcase their skills.

Try mouth-watering specials

Start your morning off at Nic’s Café with a mouth-watering breakfast bagel as you take in the cozy atmosphere. Top it off with a tasty homemade baked good and a delicious specialty coffee.

Utopia Bakery Café is featuring a soup and sandwich combo. Focusing on freshness, Utopia makes all soups, bread and sandwiches from scratch. Each day features vegetarian and meat soup options and a different sandwich. This combo also features a delightful daily drink special such as caramel mocha and vanilla chai.

Head over to Owl’s Nest Bakery Bistro to sample their delectable burger specials: Beef burger with avocado, tomato & cheese and a chickpea veggie burger with Greek yogurt, cucumber and greens. There will also be plenty of delicious desserts to try as well as cold brew coffee.

Thai Pinto Cuisine is showcasing two delicious dishes. The tasty Coconut soup (Tom Kha) is served with a choice of chicken, beef or prawns soup with coconut milk, galangal lemongrass, mushrooms, tomato, onion and cilantro. Also being featured, the lettuce wrap is served with crispy vermicelli, stir-fried noodles, carrots, mushrooms and onions served with fresh lettuce.

Pho Triple 7 Restaurant is featuring a mouth-watering combo: 1 salad roll with peanut sauce, 1 Deep fry spring roll and 1 small bowl of beef Pho or Chicken Pho. 

More specific dishes being featured during Taste of Chemainus will be announced leading up to the event. Join our FB Event Page to get the latest updates.

Don’t miss this culinary event of the season.

Enjoy the mouth-watering combo at Pho Triple 7.

CBIA Seminars

As a CBIA member, you are entitled to free business support, learning sessions and seminars. This is the first in a series of helping businesses improve themselves with guided help from industry experts – and best of all it’s FREE!

Beginners Facebook for Business – November 7  |  5pm – 6pm | Location TBD | FREE

This is truly a beginners session that enables those with and without accounts to learn to create a business account, post, tag, add images and other basic facebook abilities. Bring your computer or simply sit to listen.

To register please email: with the subject: Seminar Registration Nov 7


Business Marketing – Nov 22   |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

Facebook Advertising Intermediate for Business – Dec 13   |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

Getting The Most Out Of The Shoulder Season – Jan 24   |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

Pricing For Success – Feb 21   |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

Upselling and Continual Communication – March 21   |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

Growth Planning For The Future – April 25   |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

Branding Your Business – May 23   |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

Know Your Customer, Maximize Sales and Create Business – June 20   |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

Investing In Your Businesses Future – July 25  |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

Keys To A Successful Website – Aug  22  |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

Build Your Own Website – TBD   |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

Business Cents – Accounting for Small Business – TBD   |   Location TBD | FREE to CBIA Members

CBIA: Where We Go From Here

As you know the CBIA has been around for many years. Often seen as a community leader or partner for events, little else is known about who we are. BIA’s by definition are here to serve as a marketing and business resource for the areas. But, there is so much more behind the scenes that we do than this. None of this will change, but, we intend to layer in a heightened level of exposure. This is why we have broken out a new brand + look and feel that is specifically for the BIA.

We were using the town branding before and although we wanted this to be complimentary, we needed it to be different. The logo, with a small handle atop the CBIA letters, represents our diverse business mix and can be seen as a retail bag, briefcase, takeout bag, artist portfolio, and a myriad of other things. Best of all, this branding, look and feel etc did not cost the BIA anything, rather it was done via our Marketing person mostly at nights and on weekends.

With our new direction, we plan to put the spotlight on our members while making this happen. We have focused
on building up our events over the years and now that they have a name for themselves, we are able to focus on what truly matters – our members. We aid to get members the most exposure we can through a variety of channels, while hosting open meetings, sub-committee boards and other things for you to become involved in. Here are just some of the ways we are putting our focus back on our members.

Business Visibility
Ensuring businesses are getting the maximum exposure is essential. These are the most strategic ways to accomplish this:
1. “Business Focus”:• Meet to fill out list of interesting facts and business review

• Meet to fill out list of interesting facts and business review
• Write brief/story on business
• Take images
• Share on:
• Website – invigorate listing and showcase as blog/news
• Social media – link to and tag relevant tags
• Newsletter (teaser to full business review)

2. Seasonal Theming

3. Event and window/town dressings seasonally

Member Vitality
1. Economic development• Working with Cowichan EDC on a plan to promote ED in Chemainus
• Working with Cowichan EDC on a plan to promote ED in Chemainus
• Create a general ED living/working here package
• Each month during BIA meeting discuss businesses for BIA to broach
2. Advocacy and Community Communication• Communications Group meetings
• Communications Group meetings
• Muni Meetings and touch base with group as required
3. Social Engagement (Encourage extended outreach)
• Member engagement on social media – knowledge and training
• Monthly Events Calendar: Screen cap and tag
4. Member to Member Engagement
• Business to Business tour event
• Business Welcome – article for new businesses and welcome package

5. Weekly Member Check-in (CBIA door-to-door)

6. Member Dedicated Resources:
• CBIA website
• Newsletter (continue but rebrand)
• Education One per month – see square link below for schedule and details.
• Member Specific Events – Such as a Job fair
• Quarterly meetings (Input and feedback)
• Articling (Weekly write-ups in local paper focusing on the business’ focused that week)


Co-Op Program (Enhanced)
1. Advertising

• Visitor Guides
• Chemainus features
• Outreach & niche publications

2. Billboard (Local and out of market)
3. Map – Seasonally
4. Town guide/brochure
5. Social Media
6. Website


Events (Public Attracting Events)
1. Savour Cowichan – Taste of Chemainus – TBD
2. Halloween & Sidewalk Sale – 500 ppl (Lower Waterwheel – Encourage Old town)
3. Moonlight Madness – 500 ppl
4. Canada Day & Sidewalk Sale – 2,500 ppl
5. Craft Beer and Food Festival – 1,500 ppl


Marketing Campaigns
1. Shop your town + Chemainus Card (Locals)
2. Rediscover Chemainus (On-Island Locals)


Branded Materials
1. Street Banners (Chemainus)
2. Branded materials (Chemainus)
3. Highway signs (CBIA)
4. Event Posters (CBIA)
5. Advertising in Visitor Guides – Ads Promoting District (CBIA)
6. Billboard (CBIA/Chemainus)

• Local (CBIA)
• Out of market billboards (Chemainus)

7. Map – Seasonally (CBIA)
8. Town brochure (CBIA)
9. Social Media (Chemainus)
10. Website (CBIA and Chemainus)


PR Outreach & FAM
1. Press Package – Creation
2. Active outreach

Niche Markets
Identify multiple segments that we could specifically approach and appeal to by means of targeted advertising, keywords, and a general campaign eg. pets.


Other Opportunities
As we move through the year a number of opportunities will present themselves. We will identify which opportunities work and how we can use them with the singular thought driving the decision:

Halloween in Chemainus 2017

Join Us Saturday, October 28 from 

  • Businesses offer SAFE TRICK OR TREATING
  • Thriller Dance come and learn in this pop-up dance
  • Chemainus Lions Club SENSORY GAME GAME
  • Beyond The Usual 12 pm COSTUME CONTEST ($25 gift certificate).
  • SINGING PUMPKINS alive with song & stories
  • FREE TROLLEY RIDES from Reservations required form below or call 250-709-8654.
Come for lunch, stay for the festivities.

Bring a canned good or donation for the local food bank.

** We are now fully booked and only taking waitlist names.

Thank you for contacting us. Your request has been received. If people do not show up on the day of, we may have space so please come enjoy the festivities and check in with the carriage coordinate when you arrive.





Canada Day 2016 | Célébrations de la fête du Canada


Chemainus’ Canada Day Celebrations are gearing up for another successful year. Waterwheel Park sets the stage for their annual family friendly event there little something for everyone of all ages. Guest can enjoy a myriad of FREE activities and perks like tasty treats, a petting zoo’s, pony rides, a bouncy castle, games, live music and much more. All events take place between 11am – 3 pm leaving lots of time for you to simply enjoy a day in the park dressed in red and white.

Bouncy Castle and Games – FREE

The Chemainus Valley Museum will host fun activities for every age. Game for children of all ages,  you will enjoy the fun they have in-store with prizes for everyone.

Chemainus Valley Museum Garage Sale

With a little of this and that the garage sale is the perfect place to find  something special. Books galore both old and new. Come and try to win that quilt at our twice yearly raffle, you cannot win without a ticket. Come and help support the Museum in keeping Chemainus History alive.

Oh! Ogopoogo! – Music

Live on stage, the musical styling’s leave you singing, clapping, or even dancing to the beat with fun and active child friendly music.

Tropic Mayhem – Music

Sway to the beat of a perfectly comprised mixture of vocals, guitar, bass and drums while reminiscing to fun upbeat beach music that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

National Anthem

Reid Ellie serenades the crowd with his beautiful acapella rendition of our countries national Anthem.

Cake – FREE

What better way then to celebrate then with a piece of cake! At noon after the National Anthem, enjoy the delicious flavours of our Canada Day Celebration Cake in front of the new expansion.

Ice Cream – FREE

The 49th Parallel and Island Farms come together to make sure that everyone cools down with a creamy scoop of delicious ice cream.

Cotton Candy & Popcorn

Sweet, savoury and quenching. Coastal Community Credit union rolls up their sleves and spins heavenly clouds of sweet sticky cotton candy. Neighbourhood house pop up once again to make sure your salty tastebuds are satiated.

Pony Rides & Petting Zoo – FREE

Whether you want to pet those cute barn yard animals or take a tour on the pony express, Tigerlily farms provides wonderful hands on experiences to share with the whole family.

Face Painting – FREE

If you like a little or a lot, they have everything toplease. Show your pride with our Canada flags and maple leaf body emblems, or you can really get into the spirit of family fun with their face painting artist.

Pins & Flags – FREE

Come with your Canada gear and celebrate, but don’t worry, if you forget it at home they have you covered. Show your love of Canada and claim your FREE pins and flags before they are gone.

Hotdogs, Hamburgers & Pizza

Savoury and juicy; the Chemainus Legion #191 and Chemainus Valley Museum will be cooking and plating delicious bbq lunches in the park. The Legion will be fundraising to ensure they can continue to support community events such as this one. These hotdogs and hamburgers are worth their weight in spare change. The Chemainus Valley Museum will also be offering hotdogs, so don’t worry if one line is busy try the other or something new all together. Impulse Pizza will be onsite with their hand made pies. If you haven’t tried their pizza yet, your in for a treat. Come on out and discover your new favourite pizza shop!

Pet Rocks

Join the Chemainus Lions in painting/decorating your very own pet rock.

Kids Crafts – FREE

The Inspiration Station helps to foster children’s creativity through a variety of crafts and up cycling used items to make beautiful art.

Panning For Gold

Kids, spend your time rooting around in Silver Mine’s sand box mining for kids precious stones and other goodies.

The event is FREE due to the generosity of Heritage Canada. Additionally, the event is hosted and sponsored by Chemainus Business Improvement Association and the Chemainus Valley Museum. Join Chemainus in celebrating Canada’s 149th Birthday!


Les célébrations de la fête du Canada Chemainus de se préparent pour une autre année couronnée de succès. Waterwheel Parc prépare le terrain pour leur événement amicale annuelle de famille là-bas petit quelque chose pour tout le monde de tous les âges. Les clients peuvent profiter d’une myriade d’activités et des avantages comme des friandises délicieuses, des jeux d’une balade en poneys du zoo pour enfants, un château gonflable,, musique live et beaucoup plus libre. Tous les événements ont lieu entre 11 heures-15 heures en laissant beaucoup de temps pour vous de profiter simplement une journée dans le parc habillé en rouge et blanc.

Bouncy Castle et Jeux – GRATUIT

Le Musée Chemainus Valley accueillera des activités ludiques pour tous les âges. Jeu pour les enfants de tous âges, vous apprécierez le plaisir qu’ils ont en magasin avec des prix pour tout le monde.

Musée Chemainus Valley Garage Sale

Avec un peu de ceci et que la vente de garage est l’endroit idéal pour trouver quelque chose de spécial. Livres à gogo à la fois anciens et nouveaux. Venez et essayer de gagner cette courtepointe à notre tirage au sort deux fois par an, vous ne pouvez pas gagner sans un billet. Venez aider à soutenir le Musée dans le respect Chemainus Histoire vivante.

Oh! Ogopoogo! – La musique

Sur scène, la permission de le style de musique que vous chanter, applaudir, ou même danser au rythme de plaisir et enfant actif musique sympathique.

Tropic Mayhem – Musique

Sway au rythme d’un mélange parfaitement composé de chant, guitare, basse et batterie tout en se rappelant à l’amusement optimiste musique de plage que vous ne serez pas en mesure de sortir de votre tête.

Hymne national

Reid Ellie sérénades la foule avec sa belle interprétation acapella de nos pays de l’hymne national.


Quoi de mieux alors pour célébrer puis avec un morceau de gâteau! A midi, après l’hymne national, profiter des saveurs de notre gâteau de célébration de la Journée du Canada devant la nouvelle expansion.

Ice Cream – GRATUIT

Le 49e parallèle et Island Farms se réunissent pour faire en sorte que tout le monde se refroidit avec une boule de crème délicieuse crème glacée.

Cotton Candy & Popcorn

Sucré, salé et trempe. Credit Union Coastal Community retrousse leurs sleves et tourne nuages ​​célestes de doux cotton candy collant. maison de quartier pop up encore une fois pour vous assurer que vos papilles salées sont rassasiés.

Poney Rides & Petting Zoo – GRATUIT

Si vous voulez caresser ces animaux mignons de yard de grange ou faire un tour sur le poney express, fermes Tigerlily fournit des mains merveilleuses sur des expériences à partager avec toute la famille.

Face Painting – GRATUIT

Si vous aimez un peu ou beaucoup, ils ont tout toplease. Montrez votre fierté avec nos drapeaux du Canada et feuille d’érable emblèmes du corps, ou vous pouvez vraiment entrer dans l’esprit de plaisir en famille avec leur artiste peinture de visage.

Pins & drapeaux – GRATUIT

Venez avec votre équipement au Canada et de célébrer, mais ne vous inquiétez pas, si vous l’oubliez à la maison, ils vous ont couvert. Montrez votre amour du Canada et de réclamer vos épingles et des drapeaux gratuits avant qu’ils ne disparaissent.

Hotdogs, hamburgers & Pizza

Savoury et juteuse; la Chemainus Légion # 191 et Musée Chemainus Valley seront la cuisine et le placage de délicieux déjeuners barbecue dans le parc. La Légion sera la collecte de fonds pour assurer qu’ils puissent continuer à soutenir des événements communautaires comme celui-ci. Ces hot-dogs et des hamburgers valent leur poids dans le changement de rechange. Le Musée Chemainus Valley offrira également des hot-dogs, donc ne vous inquiétez pas si une ligne est occupée essayer l’autre, ou quelque chose de nouveau tous ensemble. Impulse Pizza sera sur place avec leurs tartes faites à la main. Si vous ne l’avez pas encore essayé leur pizza, votre dedans pour un festin. Sortez et découvrez votre nouveau magasin de pizza préférée!

Pet Rocks

Joignez-vous au Lions Chemainus dans la peinture / décoration de votre propre pet rock.

Artisanat Enfants – GRATUIT

La station d’Inspiration contribue à favoriser la créativité des enfants à travers une variété de l’artisanat et des articles vélo utilisé pour faire de la belle art.

Panning For Gold

Les enfants, passez votre temps à fouiller dans le sable de l’exploitation minière de la boîte de mine d’argent pour les enfants de pierres précieuses et d’autres goodies.

L’événement est gratuit grâce à la générosité du Heritage Canada. En outre, l’événement est organisé et parrainé par l’Association d’amélioration Chemainus affaires et le Musée Chemainus Valley. Joignez-vous à Chemainus pour célébrer 149e anniversaire du Canada!

Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society


As published on:

This month, we visit the Cowichan Valley region on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. Just a short drive from the City of Duncan you’ll find several outstanding ride areas, including Maple MountainMount TzouhalemCobble Hill Mountain and Mount Prevost. If you’ve ridden any of the trails around Maple Mountain you’ve probably already met the dedicated men and women that have donated thousands of hours of their free time to help build, repair and maintain this outstanding network of trails. If not, let me introduce you to the hard working volunteers that make up the Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society, the focus of this month’s installment of, the Front Lines.

See full article by clicking here.

Excerpt and imagery from source:

Shop Your Town

SYT_Headline SYT_LogoRediscover just how much is right outside your door

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to get caught up in running errands just to get things done. We forget why living in a small town is so appealing. Food is fresh, services are professional and living in Chemainus truly is idyllic. We just ask that you do what you already do – but just in your own town. By doing this they will be supporting local business which just happen to be neighbours and friends.

We have smart confident business leaders in the community that select quality products for their stores and of course our wonderful artisans. Our service professionals bring expert knowledge and insight from around the world. Buying from and using local services is elemental to sustaining a vibrant community keeping our dollars in our neighbourhood. Because after all, Chemainus is not one street or two, the new mall, or just the Theatre; but a town, our town, as a whole.

Support your town and try to find what you need here first – you may be surprised!

In The Media – Shop Your Town


Article from Chemainus Valley Courier April Edition – Source: Chemainus Valley Courier April Edition 2015

CHEMAINUS – The Chemainus Business Improvement Association (BIA) is launching a new promotion called Shop Your Town. It’s the latest strategy aimed at reminding people of everything Chemainus has to offer, says Krystal Adams, the BIA’s marketing and events coordinator. “Shop Your Town is all about getting local residents re-acquainted with local businesses,” says Adams. “We also aim to re-examine what Chemainus is; it’s not one street or two, the new mall, or just the Theatre but a town, our town, as a whole.”

Adams says busy people sometimes forget why we live in a small town and find it so appealing. “If we think back to when we moved here, we liked to be able to walk to the grocery store for this or that, liked getting a coffee on Saturday mornings or running to the bakery for fresh bread. “We liked the small town shopping, services, and artisans and we just simply have gotten out of the habit of using them.” Adams says the promotion is less about driving sales than it is about bringing the residents of Chemainus back into their town to rediscover how much is right at their doorstep. Not only is shopping in local stores and shops handy, it makes sense on other levels. “What we need to think about in Chemainus is getting residents involved in the community they live in by doing what they already do – but just in their town. By doing this they will be supporting local business which just happen to be neighbours and friends,” Adams points out. “Professionals from all over the country have chosen this beautiful place to live because, like the residents, they love the community feel.“We have smart confident business leaders in the community that select quality products for their stores and of course our wonderful artisans. Buying from and using local services is elemental to sustaining a vibrant community in Chemainus and on the island, and keeps our dollars in our community. Supporting them is a courtesy because we want to ensure the vibrancy of our town and the lifestyle we wish to live.”

BIA members are located downtown, in Old Town and along Chemainus Road. Adams says she’s heard that some residents of Chemainus have never shopped in any of these areas. “The face of the town has changed and the stores that you relied upon for years have changed with it, but there are so many others. “We have stores that offer everything from infant shoes, trendy apparel, artisan paintings, comfort food, and so much more,” says Adams. “We even offer our own legal currency – the Chemainus Dollar, which is equivalent to the Canadian dollar. It is available at Coastal Community Credit Union and almost all Chemainus businesses accept this currency. Some businesses even offer special discounts if you pay with Chemainus Dollars or a percentage off on special days.” With the strength of the American dollar, the upcoming season could be good for businesses targeting the tourist business. “The Visitor’s Centre has already seen an influx of visitors for 2015, and with the U.S. dollar the Cowichan Valley is expecting to see its first year of increased U.S. tourists over the last few years,” says Adams.

“We are also launching campaigns and events throughout the year aimed at bringing key island groups to the town and showcasing all we have to offer. We have such a vibrant community, and it is essential that we share this with the island, nationally, and internationally.” Adams says the BIA, with the Shop Your Town campaign and other initiatives, is trying to showcase all of the benefits of living in Chemainus. “From coffee to banking and gifts to groceries, we have so much to offer. It’s very easy to be a tourist in neighbouring communities, and even dismiss what we have in our own back yard because it is always there and will always be there. “But that’s the best part we always forget: it is right there. Take the time on Saturdays to stroll through the stores here and there while sipping a delicious latte, getting everything you need in less time as opposed to rushing around after work. “Just imagine: instead of standing in long lines at the grocery store or driving 15 minutes or more just for a prescription, you can park once and get everything you need, then simply jump back into your car for a two minute drive, or walk home.”