Uniquely distinct in every way

With a community steeped in artisan pride, it would be hard not to find exactly what your looking for.

Store front windows hold local hand made objects at every price range that can be seen from Chemainus Road through to Downtown and Old Town quarters. How many towns can boast they they have stores called Bound To Be Different and Beyond the Ususal? Not many! Wander through the streets, pursue the town’s unique architecture and lose yourself in the Secret Gardens behind Willow St. Along the way you will see that in every store you stop in holds unique artistry and originality you can’t find anywhere else.

Chemainus is a town where dream do come true, and a town where daily life is truly idyllic.

Fun Fact: Usually when people travel somewhere they pick up gifts and keepsakes for their families at home. These are sometimes post cards, pins, and sometimes even a paperweight. Chemainus boasts an unusual array of interesting items, such as Chemainus chocolate bars and whole books about the murals.

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